JQuery carousel plugin

This is the start of a jQuery carousel. I’ve used a few carousels but they require a lot of css editing to get them to change widths etc. I wanted one that could easily adapt to displaying different numbers of items. It accepts a noOfItems config that defines how many items it displays and it adjusts it’s width accordingly. Early days but not bad for a few hours work 🙂

For some reason it won’t layout properly inside wordpress (jQuery isn’t always loaded when in a category and the paths are different!) so check out the demo.

4 Responses to “JQuery carousel plugin”

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  2. lev says:

    Hi , Very good plugin. Where can i download files for it: fbisCarousel.js,fbisCarousel.css

  3. fbis says:

    Hi lev,

    That was really just an experiment rather than a plugin. Just go to http://www.fruitbatscode.com/demos/simplecarousel/, view source, and download the files from the source!

  4. nes says:

    Nice script! Clean and easy code for implementation.

    Thanks! 🙂

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