jQuery equal height columns

Sometimes equal height columns via css can be an absolute nightmare! If you’re using jQuery for other items on the page you can cheat with the following function : function setEqualHeight(items) {  var highest = 0;  items.each( function(){  current =…Continue Reading →

Javascript dictionary & getIds

Coming from a .net background I must admit to missing many of the features that the framework provides like Hastables, Dictionaries and Lists. I've just come up with a really simple dictionary class that I use to hold results from my id parsing routine.

jQuery fbisCalendar

Here is my first freely available jQuery plug-in.  There are a few more to follow soon including a form builder and a file explorer 😉 Overview I know there are a million calendar selectors out there but I needed one…Continue Reading →

JQuery carousel plugin

This is the start of a jQuery carousel. I’ve used a few carousels but they require a lot of css editing to get them to change widths etc. I wanted one that could easily adapt to displaying different numbers of…Continue Reading →

JQuery Mini-tips

Get a DOM object from a JQuery obj $(’#’ + id).get(0); //get the dom object from the jquery wrapper$(‘#’ + id).get(0); //get the dom object from the jquery wrapper Only include object if JQuery is available //only include if jquery…Continue Reading →