Welcome to the FruitBats website. I’m a professional analyst developer who is mainly doing MVC/asp.net/Html5/css/jquery/javascript type stuff at the moment. I also have a little bit of artistic skill and like to create the occasional image or design. I work in c#, T-Sql, Css, jquery and Javascript most of the time but drift into darker areas as required(asp, php, EF)!

So whats the point of this website you may ask? I am always doing many different things and have a memory like a goldfish* so am using this site to document everything I know**. If you find random bits that make no sense, then just move quietly along and say nothing! It makes sense to me.  There are also some genuinely useful resources and tutorials that you are welcome to use yourself (read the license though).

Some of these are cut and pasted from other sites so I have them at hand, I’ve included the original url unless I’ve lost it. My original stuff is tagged with My Stuff if you’ve stumbled across my site and you can leave me a message below.

*(ooh! a diver model…..swim, swim… ooh! a diver model!…..swim, swim… ooh! a diver model! etc.)
**(only take 5 mins)

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