CMS Framework – Update

Been a bit quiet round here lately but not because I’ve not been working on it 😉 I’ve been using it for a project at work and converting a lot of my stuff to be compatible with it.  It’s running  a site atm and doing well.

Alpha State

Mainly in alpha because things may yet change but the following all work

  • User accounts and permissions
  • MasterPage, Css Theme, Basic Content Placement
  • Menu and Page Creation/Editing
  • Explorer style FileBrowser
  • File Treeview and Drop down
  • File upload including automatic thumbnail, page size and lightbox creation
  • File upload that converts .wav to .mp3s
  • File upload that convert .avi & .mpgs to .flv
  • Data Form Builder that supports Textbox, Textarea, Select, Check, Radio, FCK. Easy to add other controls if required.

These items all work and have been tested in production. I just need to refactor them to be easier to use for devs and more flexible.

What Next

I must admit I’m not quite sure how to proceed from here! Do I put it up on an open source site? How much functionality do I add to the core and how much do I add to libraries?

I have created the back end editors for my workplace but they own those controls as its for their cms. I don’t know how deep to go into the development of the back end controls as the idea is to enable people to use the framework to create their own systems. I guess I’d be best off creating simple controls that can be basically used and expanded so that devs can just add in their styles and extra functionality as required.

The ContentInjector I’ve written so far is very simple and will server as a demo I suppose.  I intend to write a more complex one that supports more feature rich placement options.

All in all, its coming along nicely, just need to decide when to call the core ready for alpha testing.  Will put some more thought into how to organise the system and post again soon 🙂

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