CMS Update – Preparing for BETA!

It’s been a bit quite round here recently! Don’t be fooled! The CMS is more or less finished. Just refactoring and preparing bits and bobs.

The actual core itself hasn’t really changed in 6 months and is independent from the CMS, it handles all the page, content and control creation with a single base class that you can implement to create page renderers for any page type. Current renderers are the LiveEdit renderer, Content Block, File Include and Rss (Mobile next).

The content block system allows you to drag and drop any block or control to any section of a page. They can be added to single pages or all pages that use the same master page (Need to add category and permission next).

It also provides lots of base functionality like the global category and tag system, Data Forms, Email Templating, JSON and jQuery helpers, control binders and control property editors. Years of util functions and experience. Lots really!

Current features are:

  • It supports wysiwyg live editing
  • Control and content placement and ordering.
  • Items can be on individual pages, all, single or some pages.
  • Controls create their own property editors to tie into the front end live editing by just adding a few attributes.
  • In place content editing on page
  • Deferred save
  • Full file explorer with thumbnails and operations
  • Images, videos and audio are all converted and scaled to correct formats and sizes on upload
  • Global category and tagging system
  • Custom content wrappers
  • Sub-sites
  • Granular user permissions/accounts
  • Multiple style sheet, master pages and script usage on per page, per master or site wide basis
  • Loads more!

I really want to get it all to good beta stage and get the documentation all tidied up. Started a new job this week so not going to get as much time on it as before. I was hoping I’d get to use it at my new job but don’t think that will happen 🙁 They seem quite happy with standard hard-coded pages.

More incentive to get it together and out there as an open source project. Still not seen a lot of these features out there and want to get it in use. If you’re interested in having a look, please contact me via a comment 🙂

2 Responses to “CMS Update – Preparing for BETA!”

  1. fabio says:

    i’m pretty interested in having a look at your work,


  2. fbis says:

    Hi fabio, Its been working on production sites for a while now but I can’t stop fiddling with bits and bobs. Just redone the live editing interface to be a bit more flexible and prettier. Give me some contact details and I’ll set one up for you to have a play with.

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